Jung Eun Han

Birth placeSouth Korea

Jung Eun Han graduated with an MA in ceramics from Central Saint Martins College of Art in 2014, following completing her BA in HongIk University, Seoul in 2008. She has exhibited in London, Hangzhou, and widely in Korea including a solo show at Bananalong Gallery, Busan, and has collaborated on Castel bajac home 2017 with her signature stool. Residencies include ClayArch Gimhae and the Korea Ceramic Foundation at Icheon, where she is currently based.

Jung Eun Han wanted to be a comedian in her childhood and now believes that the duty of a comedian and a creator is not that different because both observe, examine a specific situation or person and give a special meaning to a trivial thing.

Eun Han’s decorative ceramics are inspired by her observations of the human condition, which she interprets and translates into the design narrative. For example, her Face Stool comments on how Korean women tend to comfortably share their personal space with each other. A ‘one &half size’ stool designed for two people, it gives opportunity to experience intimately share personal space by sticking together like Korean women.

Her pieces reveal subtle elements of humour which she weaves skilfully into the form and surface decoration playfully exploring anthropomorphic and graphic elements.

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