Juan Uslé

Birth placeSantander, Spain Birth date1954

Juan Uslé, born in Santander in 1954, is one of the most important artists on the international art scene. His painting can be framed within the so-called "lyrical abstraction" beyond these limits in a constant search for the synthetic or elementary representation of reality. Through photography and his memory, Juan proposes a figurative deconstruction of his surroundings, his life, and simple elements. His private habitat, his microcosm, and the places where he resides (New York and the small town of Saro in Santander) serve him to create images that accurately reflect on the canvas a kind of balance between rational thought and feeling.

His pictorial and photographic work has been presented in numerous individual exhibitions both in Europe and in the United States, including the Reina Sofía Museum (2003), the Irish Museum of Moder Art, Dublin (2004), the Kunstmuseum, Bonn (2014) or the most recent, at the Galician Center for Contemporary Art (until September 28, 2014). His participation in the Documenta 9 Kassel (1992), the 51st Venice Biennial in 2005 or the National Prize for Fine Arts in 2002, among others, make Juan Uslé one of the most important artists of his generation and a fundamental pictorial reference in the international art scene. His work is part of numerous public and private collections worldwide.

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