Juan de Andres

Birth placeUruguay Birth date1941

Juan de Andrés studies during the decade of the 50s with Carlos Llanos and Dayman Antúnez, both members of el Taller Torres-García and with them De Andrés learns painting and fresco mural technique. This experience is the begging of his vocation as teacher and by 1964, he begins his classes as drawing professor. Because of the military dictatorship, he leaves Uruguay and settles in Spain, in the city of Zamora and presenting several exhibitions there and in Madrid as well as doing a few murals. In the 80s he moves to Barcelona where he befriends artists such as Ràfols Casamada, Guinovart or Hernández Pijoan. In Barcelona, Juan de Andrés continues teaching, mainly in St.Boi de Llobregat where he will be professor at the Municpal Workshop of Fine Arts, and founding the constructive art group “Rasen”, with whom he will present many group exhibitions. Among several solo shows in Foundations and galleries, during this period he will also take part in group shows, among them stands out the exhibition dedicated to the Madí movement at the Reina Sofía Museum in 1997. In 2011, Juan de Andrés moves back to Uruguay and settles in Montevideo focusing there his exhibitions, including a major show at the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales in Montevideo.

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