Josep Guinovart

Birth placeBarcelona, Spain Birth date1927

Josep Guinovart was born in Barcelona on March 20, 1927. In his early stage, he painted simple themes of a popular nature, treated with an extraordinary quality of drawing and a striking sense of color, which later acquired social intention. He gradually abandoned representation and forms a new universe where matter and elements become their language. In his body of work you can see the geographic duality of his motherland: the infinite blue of the Mediterranean and the warm ochres of L'Urgell.


In 1954, together with other artists, they founded the ephemeral Taüll group, which brings together the creators of the avant-garde of those years. He participates in the Hispano-American biennials, São Paulo (1952 and 1957), Alexandria (1955) and Venice (1958 and 1962). During his long career he received the most relevant prizes and distinctions in the world of the arts. In 1994 the Espai Guinovart Foundation was inaugurated in Agramunt, a place where Guinovart collects his memories of the city linked to his roots and to his war records

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