José María Baez

Birth placeJerez de la Frontera, Spain Birth date1949

A warp of shapes and textures takes form and disintegrates at the same time on the walls. Evolution? Rather a change; a guessed, needed and operated change in view of a specific situation from recent past, a revival of Ortega y Gasset's "maxim". Plans get in touch, intersecti, interweave in straight lines and some kind o "brocades" designed by pigments and scissors. Geometry, color and textures seem to dance on the paper... and on gloden distaffs spinning threads of the sin, as Góngora said, in an alchemy that doesn't seek goden treasures, nor doesn't hide behind the mask of the radical novelty, an influenced and media-keen represntation of an exhausted society. Unsuspected volumes and depths arise from the conjunction of lines; regular and static patterns give way to heretical and unstable ones.

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