José Guerrero

Birth placeGranada, Spain Birth date1914

José Guerrero became interested in painting from a very early age. He studied in the School of Arts and Crafts in Granada, and in his free time undertook practical work in the old workshop of Alonso Cano in its premises inside the tower of Granada cathedral. In the 1940s he moved to Madrid and studied at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts. He obtained a scholarship to continue his studies in Paris, and in 1945 he embarked on a period of travelling throughout Europe. In 1950 he settled in New York after his marriage to a journalist from Philadelphia. In the United States he made the acquaintance with artists from the abstract expressionist movement and his work was featured in various exhibitions. In 1965 he returned to Spain where he became friendly with artists such as Gerardo Rueda, Fernando Zóbel and Manolo Miralles. From that time on he divided his time between the two countries. In 1984 he was awarded with the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. He died in Barcelona in 1991.

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