Jose Guerrero

Birth placeGranada Birth date1979

José Guerrero was born in Granada in1979. Lives and works in Madrid. In 2011 recived Scholarship Manuel Rivera for the development of an artistic project at the University of Arizona, in collaboration with Mark Klett. In 2010 won the First Prize Imaginera "a la Memoria de Andalucía". Centro de Estudios Andaluces, Junta de Andalucía. Since 2007 his work has been shown in museums and institutions such as MUSAC, of Castilla and León, the Museo Vostell Malpartida, of Cáceres, the Matadero of Madrid, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo de Madrid or the Círculo de Bellas Artes. His work has been presented from 2010 until today in collective exhibitions such as “To the cities they are known as to people in the pace”, (CAAC), curated by commissioners such as Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes, Iván de la Torre Amerighi, Jesús Reina, Francisco del Río. He has received awards such as the Purificación García (2008), scholarship Generaciones CajaMadrid (2008), scholarship Colegio de España en París (2008), Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña (2006), scholarship Cajasol (2005). He has realised projects for institutions such as the MUSAC or the Fundación Banco Santander. He was included in the publication Andalusion Art of the 21st century. Chief editor: Iván de la Torre Amerighi.

José Guerrero, educated in technical architecture, works in the field of photography. The formal question his work derives from is the expression of human action in close-by places of the urban space, examining the evergrowing expansion of cities and the temporary circles these processes leave like sediments in the environment. His work structures itself into thematical series of local signs; regardless of the cohesion of the author’s visual concept, they allow constant arbitrary communication between them, in a way that finally designs a class of neutral places, devoid of identity, impossible to be clearly associated with a specific geographical context. Guerrero has been awarded the scholarship Manuel Rivera 2010-2011 for developping a project in collaboration with Mark Klett, a Northamerican artist and lecturer at the University of Phoenix, Arizona. It deals with documenting Arizona, resulting in the possibility to relate already photographed places, on his account deserted places like the Southeast of Andalusia. Guerrero’s work is constantly refering to already existing photographs which reverberate in more recent works, bringing together series from 2002 (California) with works from 2006-2007 (Desértica) and this last series called “To Come Back”(2011).

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