Jordi Mitjà

Birth placeSpain Birth date1970

The work of Jordi Mitjà, formally heterogeneous, full of content and social criticism, at the same time sensitive and poetic, finds its sources in everyday life materials that the artist continuously compiles. Collect experiences, images, invent situations, investigate files, and propose actions to examine the simplest human reactions, in the face of unforeseen situations. Extract and invent from a 'dyslexic' work system. He does it through sculpture or creating scenographies, publications, performances, photographs, texts or drawings, his proposals raise questions about the individual, the spaces involved and art.


His latest productions include individual exhibitions at the Suñol Foundation (Barcelona), Space 13, Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona), Fondazione Zimei (Pescara), Empordà Museum (Figueres), Bòlit Center for Contemporary Art (Girona). And collective exhibitions at MACBA (Barcelona), CA2M (Madrid), Fabra i Coats. Contemporary Art Center (Barcelona), Ex-Teresa Arte Actual (Mexico City) or La Panera Art Center (Lleida), among others. His work is in collections such as the Empordà Museum, the CGAC, the MACBA, the OlorVISUAL collection or the Banco de Sabadell Collection.

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