John Wood and Paul Harrison

Birth placeHong Kong / Wolverhampton, Reino Unido Birth date1969 / 1966

John Wood and Paul Harrison have, for over a decade, placed themselves centre stage in the burlesque scenes they record on video. Recently however, they have opened up a new vein in their work by bringing everyday objects into unusual situations, treating them almost as experimental subjects to be tested for a new use. The simultaneous production of posters and graphic works as well as the actual “physical” pieces underlines a fundamentally sculptural dimension to this new work.

One quality these pieces posess is the onlooker’s immediate response to the comical and formal situations set up by the two artists. However, in provoking such spontaneous reactions they draw on complex influences. They are not only redolent of visual gags from early silent movies but stem also from the evolving relationship between art performance and the medium of video. 

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