Joan Ponç

Birth place1927 Birth dateBarcelona

Catalan painter who had a very important role on the creation of the first avant-garde in Spain after the civil war. Among with the artists Modest Cuixart, Antoni Tàpies and Joan Josep Tharrats, as well as the also painter and poet Joan Brossa and the philosopher Arnau Puig, he founded the group Dau also Set, around the magazine under the same name that promoted the renovation of thought and the artistic creation in a country that was then stuck and stagnant. Being a connector between the international avant-garde and Spain, it started with Surrealism to end with informalism, but Joan Ponç was, among all, the artist who remained faithful to the beginnings and worked forever with a surrealist language. In his work, we can also find clear influences of artist Joan Miró, and it contains lots of references to his own troubled life. The grotesque, diabolic, magic and tortured are constant concepts within his creations. His work has been exhibited all over the world and it’s part of very important collections, both private and public.

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