Jacinto Salvadó

Birth placeMont-roig del Camp, Spain Birth date1892

Salvadó took part - as a member of the Paris School - of the avant-garde movement during the XXth century. His education years were clearly influenced by the Noucentisme style blooming in Barcelona. Salvado’s strong interest in fresco will enable him to get his first job in Paris in 1919. He will enrich his technique by working both for Marcel Lenoir and the sculptor, Antonio Bourdelle at the Grande Chaumière academy. These circumstances help him grow a solid bond with galleries and he would, later on, end up signing an exclusivity contract with Bing gallery.

During the thirties and early forties, he will combine abstraction and figurative painting in his pieces. However, Salvadó will return back to Spain in 1931, aiming to find his own original language unconnected from any artistic contemporary reference. He’ll end up producing abstract pieces again. Colour will become the pivotal aspect of the artworks and most of his compositions will have a strong geometrical component. 

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