Isobel Church

Birth placeUnited Kingdom Birth date1984

Isobel Church is a sculptor living and working in London, who completed an MA with distinction at the Royal College of Art in 2014. With degrees in Anthropology and Chinese art, as well as working on the Percival David Collection of the British Museum, her work draws on scientific mapping and discovery through the lens of ritual and material culture. Church is interested in how an object can bring the unfathomably large or ancient into the realm of the intimate and familiar, creating tactile connections with that which is vast, distant or ineffable.

Many of the works can be described as ceremonial objects that incorporate and meditate on recent data and imagery, continuing in the tradition of investigating our relationship to natural phenomena and the expanding universe through material investigation, symbolic language and metaphor. The works include porcelain, Chinese ink, concrete, cast paper, embroidery and found objects.

In December 2016 the artist was selected as a member of the Royal British Society of Sculpture.

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