Indrikis Gelzis

Birth placeRiga, Latvia Birth date1988

Gelzis, who lives and works in Gent, Belgium, centers his work in the theme of perception, so he creates surreal situations usually through sculpture, installation and video.

The fondness of distinguishing and individualising the perception of every individual and observing the differences between them, image construction based on Surrealist principles, and attention to the performative aspect of everyday phenomena, actions and the environment are the features that characteris all of Gelzis’s work.

His process is about making his visions into reality, his ideas into artworks, but sometimes the artwork also comes first. He likes to explore reality first and then try to imeagine the perspective of that same reality through other people’s minds, in other people’s consciousness.

In the end, his works erase the line between artistic exploration and the cause of its excistence.

His work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries in Latvia, as well as in some group exhibitions in the rest of Europe.

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