Ignacio Uriarte

Birth placeKrefeld Birth date1972

Ignacio Uriarte (Krefeld, West Germany, 1972) studied business administration in Madrid and Mannheim and then immediately started work with corporations such as Siemens, Canon, Interlub and Agilent Technologies in Germany, Spain and Mexico. In 2003 he decided to pack in his last “serious” job and embark upon a career as an artist; he has since referred to his work under the generic title of “office art”. His pieces are made from commonplace office material: paperclips, Bic biros, staplers, spreadsheets, files, ink cartridges, scrunched-up paper, etc. The resulting combination of these materials brings to mind Minimalist and Conceptual Art work from the sixties and seventies, where repeated patterns, borrowed materials and routine behaviour came under artists’ spotlight.

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