Gonzalo Elvira

Birth placeArgentina Birth date1971

In 2015, he exhibited the Assaig S.T. 1909-1919 in the Mume (Museum of Memory and Exile) in Portbou, and in the Canem de Castellón gallery. In 2014, with the same project, it was presented at the Sicart gallery in Barcelona and the Cedinci (Center for Cultural Research of the Left) in Buenos Aires. The same project has been presented in 2013 at EtHall, contemporary drawing in Barcelona. In the same year, he presented Bauhaus 1919, a model to assemble at the My Name´s Lolita gallery in Madrid. In 2012 he presented at the Arte x Arte Foundation in Buenos Aires. In 2011, he presented the RES project at the Alon Foundation in Buenos Aires.


His work is present in various public and private collections in various countries such as DKV Foundation (Valencia), Jose Luis Lorenzo Collection, Córdoba (Argentina), Paula Acevedo Collection (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Mauricio Kassim Collection (Colombia), M.A. Collection Sanchez (Barcelona), Martín Almagro Museum (Albarracín), Juan Sanchez Museum (Patagonia, Argentina), Alon Foundation (Buenos Aires), Port of Tarragona Museum (Tarragona), among others.

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