Geoffrey de Beer

Birth placeBelgium Birth date1978

Geoffrey de Beer finds his inspiration into the colourful architecture of the small French Alsatian villages, in the form and colour theories of the Bauhaus, into poetry and the quest of aesthetic excellence.

His work is both conceptual and political, using an almost scientific methodology of dispassionate experimentation that places it into a constitutional context by its perfect constitutional critique.

His abstract installations made of iridescent glass panels are just made by glass and oak, in which the panels are placed on the wood shelves. The number and colours of the panels per work can vary, as well as the size and disposition. All of his works have very beautiful titles, some of them poetic and others funny or ironic.

His latest work centres on the issue of the economics of the art market, researching alternative ways to promote buying and selling art due to the absurd prices the art market is reaching.

As a way of criticism, he also does lots of happenings and performances, always with a touch of humour and irony.

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