Francesca Llopis

Birth placeBarcelona

Francesca Llopis was born in Barcelona, ​​where she currently lives. She enrolled at the Eina School to study painting and space poetics. In 1981 she made her first artist residency at Palatz Cultura in Warsaw, where the foreseeable coup d'etat transforms her pictorial world. This was the turning point where the "journey" became a central element in her artistic process. The exhibitions 'History of a temptation' at Meda Moth in Montpellier, Barcelona deranged, Los dids Geliti in Barcelona and Traffic of effects in Madrid placed her within the neo-expressionist Movement of the 1980s. In 1988 she did her residency at the Academy of Rome and in the school days of Beaux Arts de Nimes. Arnau Puig defines her painting as "semantic constructivism" mainly due to the recurrence of cavities in her art.

On 06/08/89 Tiananmen was an intervention in the public space of Hospitalet de Barcelona, ​​where she dug a grave as a tribute to Chinese students, with the collaboration of sound artist Barbara Held. In 1999 she created the installation Mal·laltes d'amor a Lübeck (Germany) evoking organic holes in space. In 2002 she presented her first video installation 2 habitacions amb vistes, a social portrait of Barcelona. In 2004 she made the video installation ETC, a reflection on the absence of female artists in the history of art.

She has participated in multiple national and international exhibitions: New York, Korea, Spain, China, Berlin, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Italy. 2015 participates in the Noseda Biennial, Japan, with Dealers of memory, with the video installation Memory for an iceberg as an archaeologist of the future and the installation The book of tears. In 2016 at the show SakaiArtePorto, Japan, she did the performance Traction action caused by the need to reunite the human type and the Universe, the installation LLUM! At the Montjïc castle in Barcelona, ​​Spain. 2018 "The State of Thins & os" Capellades Museum, Spain, INDEKTAMENT wandering in the J. Naranjo and LLUM gallery! in the old prison in Barcelona.

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