Fito Conesa

Birth placeSpain Birth date1980

'I always need to place myself and locate myself but only by knowing where I am and where I want to avoid getting … That’s the premise of my proposals departing between urbanism and psycho-… homespun, being aware that going over the edge is more related to the preventive use of pills than to transgress Zone 2 of my T-10 metro card. Obsessed with communication, with the baffling and second readings of the under_stood, it is enough with a pair of brackets and two divergent accents to knit a new language. The language of the planet on which Duchamp played to be Rrose Sélavy and Yasumasa Morimura, the bastard sister of Cindy Sherman. I’m more interested in making an event of a smile and a cinematic discourse from a defiant gaze,than to spend hours thinking bucket and speeches aimed at generating sympathizes with stacking. I still remember the day when after a sudden movement of vertebrae, sounded something like metallic, I got scared and without thinking stared at my mother’s looking for some explanation for such an event, assuming that we made with the same pattern, but then he was a monologue, a hidden noise. There are a thousand ways to generate political and thousand ways to detonate a bomb … sometimes just a gesture micro to activate the primary mechanism that alerts us.'

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