Elvira Amor

Birth placeMadrid Birth date1982

Elvira Amor is a painter fascinated by abstraction’s possibilities. Although form and colour are the fundamental foundations of her paintings, the canvas is also understood to be an intrinsic part of the work, both through its surface and its volume.

Elvira stretches the painting’s  traditional form/colour dichotomy by adding matter, both in the way the pigment is applied and in the physics of the canvas itself, which ceases to be an circumstantial surface to become a key element. Its right angles are part of the composition, with the same importance given to their relation with the curved lines of the paint. The canvas loses its aspect of ‘window that we look through’ to become an active and signifying object in itself. On occasions, it even loses its traditional shape and becomes curved, takes on relief, or becomes puffed up, challenging its relationship to sculpture.

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