Eduardo Lalanne

Birth placeMadrid Birth date1991

Emerging artist operating from Madrid and Mexico City.

Eduardo knows how to move the strings of a work whose splendour does not need noise. It is not by chance that he introduces sewing threads that he uses as a geometric element in the composition to tighten the lines achieving a balance whose centre of gravity only he knows. Abstraction of high precision and purity, because although it may remind us of artists such as Malevich, László Moholy-Nagy or El Lissitzky, the young author timidly clarifies that he did not know these illustrious precedents of the Russian avant-garde.

The subtlety of these works, their economy of gestures, the conciseness of their compositions, manage to convey a depth and complexity that are in reality the result of stripping, of subtraction, of purification. Freeing his work from the unnecessary achieves a quality of lightness and luminosity through these tense and harmonic forms of expression. He is the tightrope walker who walks without apparent effort through those vertiginous descents to leave a point in the exact place; to bring a colour to that remote place on the paper, filling the lightbox. Completing it Funambulista without network of that lyrical imaginary and in movement of invented geometry.

This is the most personal, graceful and secret cartography of Eduardo Lalanne, whose truth already appears in these first works loaded with the future, made of silence, that responds to that need of expression before oneself, of authenticity and honesty. Conditions that every true artist has to embrace as soon as possible.

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