Din Matamoro

Birth placeVigo, Spain Birth date1958

Matamoro’s first approach to painting - after graduating from the faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid - was through expressionism technique. He will present the human figure as a deformed object that will finally disappear aiming to convey an abstract landscape where color and substance become the essential elements of the canvas. After moving to Rome, the artist will be strongly influenced by the Renaissance Old Masters of the Trecentto period. Hence, his work will begin to explore still through abstraction a more peaceful and tranquil aspect of painting. Later on, employing materials such as latex, polyurethane and silicon will enable him to include in his canvases a wider range of textures. From the nineties on, his artistic production will empower the presence of color and light which clearly show Din Matamoro’s passion for photography and film.

Nowadays, his works belong to important collections such as the Spanish Bank Collection in Madrid and the Galician Museum of Contemporary Art collection, among others. His most recent solo exhibition took place in 2012 at the Laxeiro Foundation in Vigo: Niebla was a curated selection of acrylics on canvas which aimed to establish a dialogue in a neutral space.

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