David Kowalski

Birth placeGronau, Germany Birth date1979

David Kowalski, based in Gronau, Germany, describes painting as 'a quest for simplicity and an active form of wondering. His small oil paintings on panel resist the 2D formalities; delicate and irregular objects that absorb the ambience and light in the room, they contain as many photographic attributes as they do painting. Investigations of the inner world or inner landscapes, his works react to and counteract the outer world.

'I am an autodidact and developed a process, born out of restrictions, where I can tackle the whole painting surface at once every session and repeat that many times. Individual brushstrokes don't remain visible but wiped away in thinner and thinner layers (as is the painter in a way). Planned and driven to the rare point when imagination and reality conjoin and the painting itself becomes an experience, for me and hopefully for you.

The paintings are small, on panel and finished matt, becoming more of an object and light absorbing, complementing the soft edges and contrasting the more photographic attributes like the depth of the illusion. Some reactions have included dream-like or even afterlife associations, unintentionally. I like the idea of the in-between spaces such as that between sleep and wakefulness, not yet fully aware of the self. My own as well as found photographs are used in the drawing process and as reference material. There is a cinematic feeling I'm after, mystery and poetry and science fiction.'

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