Daniel G. Andújar

Birth placeAlmoradí, Spain Birth date1966

The work of Daniel G Andújar explores issues of democracy and inequality in our current information society. Always with a touch of irony, he questions how the use of new technologies affects and transforms us in our daily experience and he also criticizes the will to control that which is hidden behind their apparent transparency. His internet-based works, videos or installations show that certain criteria must be established in order to select, order and interpret this data and, particularly, look for that which has been hidden between the lines and left in the margins. In his body of work, he is constantly referring to those people excluded and marginalized by sociopolitical conditions. Andújar never tries to speak on behalf of others but he questions the tools, spaces and formats of articulation in themselves, as well as their mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. His interest is based on the constant movement between the public space << the real >> and << the virtual space >>; even though he never addresses them separately and submits them to a critical reflection in relation to their promises - democracy, freedom, equality, and so on.

His work has been present in many museums, cultural institutions and international events around the world, among which we find dOCUMENTA14, the 53rd Venice Biennial, the Total Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, the DOX Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, the Künsterhaus in Dortmund, the Ärthus Kunstbygning or the Württembergischer Kunstverein of Stuttgart. Among his most recent projects are "The Disasters of War. Trojan Horse" which was exhibited at dOCUMENTA14 in Athens and Kassel (2017) and at the Centro de El Carmen for Contemporary Art in Valencia (2018). In 2015 the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid presented the exhibition Sistema Operativo (Operating System) which brought together its most recent projects, together with previous works that were presented in Spain for the first time on this occasion.

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