Dani Ensesa

Birth placeBarcelona Birth date1968

Ensesa works on paper, using pencils and watercolor, and also with oil on canvas, even though he admits that lately he is feeling more attracted by drawing because of its immediacy and freshness. Working with oil is a slower process and leaves us with less improvisation capacity. His works look like a story board in which many things at the same time happen. This is because randomness is a central part of his creative process.

Ensesa starts several drawings at the same time, then he abandons them and later he goes back, improvising what to draw depending on what he feels, creating a kind of dialogue between his characters and symbols that wasn't planned at all.

The characters and figures are essential in Ensesa's work, using a lot of humor, and making us think of comics and graffitis. To him, that which is visual must lead us to a narrative story, and not the opposite.

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