Carmen Mariscal

Birth placePalo Alto, California, USA Birth date1968

Carmen Mariscal is a Franco-Mexican plastic artist, who currently lives and works in London.

In his works, themes related to memory, fragility and confinement are frequent, which he expresses through different disciplines: installations, photography, video, sculpture and theatre scenery. His artistic pursuits are also focused on the condition of women, in its dimensions of fragility and alienation.

Mariscal obtained the First Prize of the IV National Installation Competition in Mexico. She is the author of the installation El Pueblo Creador, Mexico Pavilion at the Universal Exposition in Hanover in 2000. She has exhibited, individually and collectively, in various art galleries and museums in Mexico, in the Museum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit; in France, in l’Arc, Scène Nationale du Creusot; in Luxembourg, at the Musée National d'art et d'histoire; in Saint-Peetersburg, at the Yusuopov Palace; and in Spain, at the Vila Casas Foundation, among others.

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