Carlos Parra Sánchez

Birth placeCuba Birth date1949

Parra Sánchez invites the audience through his work to reflect upon the world that surrounds us nowadays; the relationship the individual’s existence and space; the true value of words amongst other themes. He works towards this objective by using a wide range of textures as well as, creating pieces with many symbolisms. Parra Sánchez’s pieces explore through oneiric and intimate language, such as the distortion of figures, the artist’s view on life, his dreams and concerns as well as, scenes of daily, ordinary life.

We highlight his last collaboration in a collective exhibition, Galvanoplastica which took place in Cuba in 2012. Besides, in 2009 Galleria de Arte Universal in Santiago de Cuba curated a retrospective exhibition where a selection of his artworks produced during the last forty years were displayed.

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