Carlos Aires

Birth placeRonda, Spain Birth date1974

Carlos Aires is living at present time between Spain and Belgium, developing through his work a critical and acid narration of the reality surrounding us, always with his yet typical aesthetics of ambiguity.

Carrying a solid education on photography, and showing great skills on the different contemporary creative techniques, from collage to installation, and also video and performance, Aires presents an open and provocative art. He plunges the spectator in an upset and disputable reality, where regular myths lose their sense; history takes a new nature and truth gives space to half lies.

Carlos Aires likes to propose games to the audience, to discover how many and which could be the various ways to read a picture, a video, a performance, to interpret a situation. He works with association of ideas and stereotypes to disturb the perception and displace.  In short, the work of Carlos Aires confronts us to a world where opposites coincide. Reality and fiction, true and false, natural and artificial, tradition and contemporariness, are dichotomies that here are confused. The unity of his work is defined in the right moment where these dichotomies are conciliated.

Aires’ works are showed in many solo shows: HISK Belgium, CAC Malaga, MAS Santander and CDAN Huesca, for example. He also collaborated in collective exhibitions: Mu.ZEE Ostende, Belgium, Museo Universitario del Chopo in Mexico, or Aljira, Contemporary Centre in USA.

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