Berta Cáccamo

Birth placeVigo, Spain Birth date1963

Influenced by the informal movement, the substance becomes the fundamental pillar of Cáccamo’s initial artworks. During the 80s she develops a style of painting which aims to emphasize the presence of the supporting medium rather than the actual paint. Matter and symbols will end up transforming into shadows threatening to disappear completely. During the 90s, the supporting medium will finally become the main element of the composition. During those years, Cáccamo will also implement other elements such as geometry and shadows as well as the use of neutral tones. Hence, her soft pieces carry a considerable metaphysical significance.

Nowadays, Berta Cáccamo’s pieces can be found in the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo (Santiago de Compostela), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. MAC (A Coruña), Colección Banco de España (Madrid), Colección Salvador Riera (Barcelona), among others.

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