Antonio Luque

Birth placeCordova, Spain Birth date1962

"I was born in Córdoba in 1962, moving with my family to Tarragona at a few years of age. I have studied Jewelry, Graphic Design and Engraving, at the Escola d'Art i Disseny in Tarragona.

I made my first individual exhibition in 1980. In 1982 I present the exhibition "Shooting range" at the Galeria Las Cuevas, which will start a series of exhibitions at Leisten & Thiessen and at the Brigitte March Gallery, selecting the series "Shooting range" in Now Documenta within Documenta 8, (Kassel, Germany). From 1987 I stop in my artistic career, with only some sporadic appearances in collective exhibitions, to devote myself fully to my work as an art director in advertising.

In 2000, I return with the presentation of “Insel” in Villa Claudia (Feldkirch, Austria), which will be followed by “Die haut des Odysseus” in the Europahaus room, Klagenfurt (Austria), which will definitely mark my later works. In 2004, I participated as an assistant in “Das Orgien Mysterien Theater” 120 Aktion by Hermann Nitsch.

From 2005 to 2011 I present four individual exhibitions: "Atlas de Nubes", "In memorian", "Sleepers", especially the installation "Die Sonne der Tage" in the Johanniterkiche, Feldkirch (Austria)

In 2013, he founded Juan Carlos Lozano, "La Gray, contemporary creation space" in Tarragona, which he co-directed, performing the work of an independent curator in many of the exhibitions held in the hall. I also direct the art and thought magazine "Corpus Delicti", works that alternate with my personal artistic production, in which the series "Therapy", "Breverias", "My God: create in me a pure heart!" and "altered realities".

As of 2016, I start a joint work with Francesc Roig under the pseudonym "Cheaters' Collective."

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