Andreas Fogarasi

Birth placeAustria Birth date1977

Preoccupied with representations of place, power, and identity in public space. Andreas Fogarasi's work comments the dissimulated way by which the State defines and regulates behavior within its borders. His critical process imposes a discourse that peels away the layers of convention and pre-conceived ideas that surround his subject, at which point he can then re-build, re-assemble, associate and repeat, to a point where his minimalist works quietly question our surroundings and behavioral patterns, leading us to the inevitable question of civil liberties. Through his work, Andreas Fogarasi observes the city and its codes of representation. His projects are the witness of the interest he has in the collective and utopic dimension of architecture, and its sometimes authoritarian characteristics. He also comments on the appropriation of these areas and symbols by the people. It is a critical look at modernism and politics of the masses.

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