Alice Ronchi

Birth placeItaly Birth date1989

Alice Ronchi’s sculptural works are minimal yet whimsical, reflecting the artist’s curiosity and fascination with the built environment. In addition to making physical forms, Ronchi also takes photographs, most notably, images of objects and architecture in urban settings that resemble flowers and plants. Much of her work, though inanimate and rigid, becomes anthropomorphic, or at least life-like. Employing materials that are often used in the construction industry, Ronchi explores the relationship between nature and the built environment. 


Born in Italy, Ranchi received her MA from Amsterdam’s Sandberg Instituut in 2015. She’s held solo or two-person exhibitions at Galerie Fons Welter in Amsterdam, and DRY Space, Francesca Minini, and Gasconade Space in Milan. Her work has also been exhibited in Venice, Rome, Zurich, and Marseille.

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